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Posting Box

Posting Box

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Posting Play is great for development and the AXE&Co Posting Box has been designed with this in mind!

The hole at the top of the box is the perfect size to post our balls through, and anything else as your little one chooses, watch as they discover what can and can’t fit through, learning how to line up and let go of the items at just the right time, and then where do they go?

The draw teaches them how to open and close, how much force they should use with each action.  Let them discover the things in the draw that they just posted through the hole, teaching them that they don’t disappear forever!

Our ball and token posting box option also has a slot in the front for tokens to be posted through.  This requires more coordination as the slot is smaller and thinner.  

Standard option comes with one wooden ball

Ball and Token option comes with one wooden ball and two tokens 

Extra balls and tokens can be purchased separately.


Untreated ply.


175w x 175h x 160d

Care Instructions

Avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

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